Read Pen Inc.

We are a community of world-class writers specializing in clear presentation of complex technical information based on thoughtful consideration of audience and purpose.

We solve problems & we measure quality in terms of customer satisfaction.

We Deliver

Leadership & Community

Helping teams succeed in building long-term relationships, engaged community, evangelism, and mentorship with multiple stakeholder groups.

Review & Editing

Professional review, structural analysis, and developmental editing to strengthen business plans, investor presentations, documentation, manuals, and other projects with an emphasis on technical subjects.

Support with IM/IT Procurement

We can help you articulate your business requirements, draft specifications, and create tendering documents.

Software & Product Planning

Well-versed in all aspects of the software development life cycle (SDLC), including Agile and Waterfall methodologies.

Business Analysis

Providing fresh perspective, considered analysis, innovative solutions, and a solid foundation on which to base future strategy and planning.

Technical Writing

Software guides, API documentation, technical specifications and more with an emphasis on clear, concise writing.

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Our clients

“I have used the services of Read Pen for years, and have always been ecstatic with all aspects of the hiring process, the quality of staff, and the administrative process. When looking for documentation services, the most important thing is the personnel who can meet the need, and Read Pen has a well connected network of top talent.

I have hired multiple consultants from Read Pen, have always been impressed with their work, and have continually extended their contracts… a true sign that things are working well. Read Pen offers great services and I can highly recommend them.”

Jim Feeley

“The Read Pen community provides a place to connect, learn, and grow. As a technical writer, it is an invaluable resource for understanding the opportunities and dynamics of Ottawa’s tech scene. I moved to Ottawa from Calgary last year and the Read Pen community bolstered my confidence while looking for work in a new city. I highly recommend attending any Read Pen events, and connecting with Tina Klein Walsh if you would like to know more about what Ottawa has to offer.”

Jason Christie

“Tina is great at bringing people together. She provided me with a job lead, and introduced me to the hiring manager, which ultimately led to a job offer that was a perfect fit.”

Jennifer van der Schee Technical Analyst

“Read Pen provided us with prompt, professional, and very courteous service. Even over the weekend, we could exchange information and be ready for our proposal on Monday. I am very pleased and satisfied with this type of service, and will definitely use it in future. It is nice to have someone reliable when the company is facing a strict timeline. Recommended.”

Remisz Consulting Engineers Ltd. Wojciech Remisz, President

“The quick turnaround, sourcing of a skilled writer, and the flexible terms and conditions enabled GridIron to expand our team virtually and ensure we got a complete product to market on time.”

GridIron Software Joe Rouse, Executive Vice President
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